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The $5 million castle
Feb 21, 2023
The $5 million castle Chicago
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Abstract: This stone castle looks like it could be almost anywhere in Europe, but it is actually on a hill overlooking Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Dromborg Castle has over 8,800 square feet of luxury space on 40 acres with a pond.


The house is listed at $4,999,000.


"'Drom' means dream and 'Borg' means big," explains owner Joan Johnson of the castle's name.


In fact, it was a dream trip through the French countryside that inspired her and her husband Bruce to build the house.


"What we were after was to look like a lot of structures built over time on the outside," says Johnson." Then on the inside, it's a very efficient present-day home - with a classical architectural style."


After five years of construction and $13 million spent, the home was completed in 2007.


"It's a great place to live," explains Tim Salmonsen, who co-owns the property with his son Ben Salmonsen.


The grandeur of the house is obvious when you first walk in.


You walk in the front door and it's a huge wooden door, perfectly suited to a castle," says Ben Salmonsen." You come in and there's this radiant heating in the floor; it's warm, it's cosy and it's quiet. It was almost silent. It's not like a wooden house, where you can hear it creak and crack. It's just a solid home."


The master bedroom and three other bedrooms are on the main floor.


The other two bedrooms are on the first floor, along with a small kitchen.


"It has a real sense of history, even though it's not a historic property," says Tim Salmonson." When you walk in, you feel like you've stepped back in time."


The impressive backyard area includes a small waterfall pool and there is space nearby to add a larger pool.


Back in 2015, the castle was the most expensive property in the state, valued at $15 million.


But that listing included some 60-plus acres of land and a guesthouse, all of which have since been sold.


The castle has a 70-foot-high watchtower that offers extraordinary views.


It's amazing," says Tim Salmonson." You can see the entire downtown area and the main campus of the University of Arkansas. You can see for miles. The view from that tower is just fantastic."


Although the Johnsons have been full-time residents of the castle, the listing agent suggested that the home would be a perfect event space given its large great room, multiple bedrooms, gorgeous views and large lot.


The owners have hosted many parties on the property during their time there.


"I'm hoping the buyer is someone who wants to make it a home to live in and maybe be active in the community or wants it to be a retreat," Johnson said." I think it's just a fantastic home."

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The $5 million castle
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