The Louisiana Castle is on sale for $1.1 million
Dec 29, 2022
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Abstract: A father wanted his son to grow up in a castle, so he built one.

Now, the 5,000-square-foot castle in Covington, Los Angeles, is on the market for $1.15 million.

Its owner built it with his own hands.

He was a builder and it was a legal castle with a lot of medieval features, but it was a newer building property.

The three-bed, two-bath castle was completed in 2017 and sits on eight acres of land.

It had turrets like a real castle, battlements and SLATE floors everywhere.

The front door is a reverse drawbridge that rises up when you walk in.

It used to have a moat in front of it, which is an interesting little addition. But he filled it up, so it's not there anymore.

The backyard has a swimming pool and a fire pit with a bronze dragon on top.

The exterior of the castle has a shabby appearance, which is intentional.

It's like cement, so the discoloration is the result of natural weathering over time, so (the owner) keeps it that way to make it look weather-beaten and battle-worn.

It's not actually damaged and it's in perfect condition.

The master bathroom has a unique shower.

The castle was once a popular vacation rental for about $215 a night. But a dispute with a neighbor forced the owner to stop renting, Frederick said.

The loss of potential income is one reason for the recent fall in house prices. Also, a two-bedroom apartment and workshop are no longer for sale.

The property first went on the market in early 2021 for just under $3 million. In January 2022, the price dropped to $2.5 million, and then to $1.5 million in October.

Frederick said the seller wants to use the proceeds from the eventual sale to build another castle as part of a reality TV show.

A potential buyer could be someone with a certain flair for unique things, a real creative person, a great visionary and someone who happens to have money, Frederick said.

"It's a really cool launch. I've sold over 1,200 properties in my career, but I've never sold a castle, not yet, "he added.