The Arizona house
Mar 1, 2023
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Abstract: It took just two weeks for the farm with the infamous railway car bunker to be claimed.

The Arizona landmark, which was recently listed for $1.35 million, has had an offer accepted.


Located in Cave Creek, Arizona, about an hour north of Phoenix, the unusual property offers much more than the famous treasure in its backyard.


The house's tranquil setting and mountain views are made up of three buried Santa Fe railway cars, says Ryan Buckley, who listed the property with Lori Cedarstrom. Both work in Coldwell Banker Realty's Scottsdale office.


Buckley said the ranch is conveniently close to town and within easy reach of entertainment and shopping.


Curious about that bunker?


The old Santa Fe railway cars are buried three to five feet deep on the property.


The original intention was to use them as bomb shelters and they used to be connected to the main house through a tunnel.


Now, they have a clubhouse-like atmosphere. The boxcars are equipped with electricity, plumbing, bathrooms, a bar that seats four, a full-size ping-pong table and space for a small band to perform - because you have to have some kind of entertainment when you're hiding, right?


The tunnels are gone, but stairs and above-ground entrances have been installed to make access easier.


No one knows when the cars were buried, but it is estimated that it was in the 1960s or early 1970s.


The house has an area of 4,091 square feet.


There are five en-suite bedrooms, all with their own private courtyards - a particularly charming convenience when the house was run as a bed and breakfast.


This is by no means your typical ranch house.


There are stone floors, walls and countertops, most of which have been sourced locally.


The house has plenty of windows for natural light and expansive desert views.


The private terrace of the main suite overlooks the pool area where there is plenty of space to relax and soak in the iconic south-west views.


The property also features a fully equipped horse farm. These include covered and uncovered stables, pens, an automatic watering system, an arena, covered hay storage and tack room.


There are also a number of horse riding trails within and adjacent to the property.